Exhibit Item/ Highlight

20 years since the brand began. I've been creating a design. Imagine the scene of a customer that is a town casual item, continue to propose prices and functionality along with it, and focus on both design and functionality that will be seen by many customers in the future I want to continue pursuing it. As a town casual, we continue to enhance the comprehensive power of design, functionality, price, and quality, and continue to build the highest point of all balances into the next design.
The simple design has been designed to remove unnecessary items so that customers can use it in various scenes.
Still, we added functionality that pursued usability as a bag maker.
Uses high-quality textiles that have been subjected to necessary processing such as "water repellency" and "light weight" for bags.
We will continue to plan and develop so that customers can use it for a long time.
The carefully selected cowhide is carefully selected from high quality and thick raw leather in the Toronto area of ​​Canada, and tanned in Hyogo Prefecture, which is famous for its Japanese leather production areas.
In addition, the sewing is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen from the characteristics of materials, sewing and finishing at one of Japan's leading factories specialized in leather.
It is a brand where you can feel high quality and careful "manufacturing".
"About sogawa Bag"
We mainly produce town casual bags and private brands at our affiliated factories in China, and wholesale them to various retailers. We also accept OEM production, propose know-how from accumulated know-how and data cultivated in the bag industry, visit a factory in China, look directly from sample creation to production management, We do quality control.

Conduct daily research in cooperation with partner factories, such as reducing lead times in factories and improving production efficiency.
We make every effort to acquire "thinking power" individually.
In addition to "selling" from our company, we have a thorough design that has a flexible response ability, a commitment to quality, a story for both people and goods, so that customers can sympathize and want to buy. We will continue to pursue manufacturing in order to provide new value to our customers, regardless of our pursuit.

If you have anything about your bag, please ask us once, as anything is fine.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibit Item
  • BAG
  • Made in Japan
  • New Brand
  • Export Possible
  • OEM/ODM Possible
Price Range
Ruck sack(JPY6,500~JPY15,000)
Tote bag (JPY5,500~JPY8,500)
Shoulder bag (JPY4,500~JPY8,500)
Season of delivery
SS December~March
AW July~September

OEM/ODM Details

Corporate Type
Japanese speaker availability
Other Features
Trade Experience with Japan
Number of Japanese Clients
100 companies
Production Capacity per Week
7500 units
Minimum Order
300 units
Shortest Delivery Time
Types of Japanese clients
ISO9000 Certification No.
WRAP Certification No.
Other Certification No.