Exhibit Item/ Highlight

GLAZE KOHL launched in 2018 fall. Brand concept is "Chic". Designer Michiko Ueda who over 20 years exposure as a buyer and proprietor of vintage clothing store has launched the brand as new styles. She encountered many wonderful fashion pieces which has influenced her in creating her own designs. We are impressed and input details into the design, pursuing a classic yet timeless design. The fabrics and parts are made in Japan, and its supple comfort is perfect for clothes that you wear on a daily basis.

In 2019, we exhibited at the runway shows at Vancouver Fashion Week and NY Fashion Week and presented her collection.

Brand theme is "Chic".
Images a charming lady in a monochrome world.
You may find her "Chic" wardrobe in her closet.
And there is "GLAZE KOHL" too...

Exhibitor Information

Exhibit Item
  • Made in Japan
Price Range
ボトムス/Bottoms (JPY16,000〜)
アウター/Outer (JPY75,000〜)
Season of delivery
SS 2月〜5月
AW 6月〜9月