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Started in 2009 with the launch of the cardprotector in the Netherlands. Now selling in 60 countries. Fast but steady growth with an eye for the environment. A better world starts in your pocket. Secrid wallets are unique and first of its kind. Changing the world. Less is more. Think about what you keep in your wallet. Minimalistic yet convenient, the only wallet you will ever need. The only problem is that you want to collect them all.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibit Item
  • Japanese Language Possible
  • Conscious (Sustanability, ethical etc.)
  • OEM/ODM Possible
Price Range
Miniwallet (9000¥~14000¥)
Twinwallet (15000¥~16000¥)
Season of delivery
Other All year

OEM/ODM Details

Corporate Type
Japanese speaker availability
Other Features
Trade Experience with Japan
Number of Japanese Clients
18 companies
Production Capacity per Week
要相談 units
Minimum Order
要相談 units
Shortest Delivery Time
Types of Japanese clients
ISO9000 Certification No.
WRAP Certification No.
Other Certification No.