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DEL CONTEは、1984年以来イタリアでのみハンドバッグを設計および製造しています(すべて彼の工場内)。実際、私たちはヨーロッパの40を超える店舗と代理店および販売代理店と協力しています。DEL CONTE製品は日本、ヨーロッパ、ロシア、アメリカに輸出しています。イタリアでは、当社の製品はミラノ、フィレンツェ、ローマ、ヴェネツィアの最高のお店で販売されています。また、当社のブランドを持つ3つのショップもあります。

DEL CONTE design and produce handbags since 1984 only in Italy (all inside his factory). Actually we are working with more than 40 shops in Europe, with our agents and distributors. We export DEL CONTE products in Japan, Europe, Russia and Usa. In Italy our products are sold in the best shops in Milan , Florence , Rome , Venice. And we have also three own shops with our brand. Our strength are the design and style and the services. Our goal is to satisfy the customer, customizing the bags in terms of materials, colors and modification. Direct contacts with the factory allow a easy communication with the clients. Furthermore we are very fast with the delivery, usually 3 weeks from the orders and also for the reassortment.

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Del Conte bags(から€ 60,00 へ € 90,00 / from € 60,00 to € 90,00)
Con Te bags (から€ 35,00 へ € 65,00 / from € 35,00 to € 65,00)
Season of delivery
SS 必要に応じて / as requested
AW 必要に応じて / as requested
Other 3 weeks