Exhibit Item/ Highlight

Free and express yourself in the rain.
“CARRY saKASA” will make a new breakthrough in the rainy day fashion by its structures. That would expand the possibility in fashion and release the potential market newly. CARRY saKASA is all but the entrance to the big bang. Please come to our booth to feel the impact from the astonishing view.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibit Item
  • Export Possible
  • Cash&Carry Available
  • OEM/ODM Possible
Price Range
CARRY saKASA UK Model(JPY8,000)
CARRY saKASA Advance Model (JPY14,800)
CARRY saKASA City Model (JPY7850)
Season of delivery
SS April/4月
Other All the year

OEM/ODM Details

Corporate Type
Japanese speaker availability
Other Features
Trade Experience with Japan
Number of Japanese Clients
30 companies
Production Capacity per Week
要相談 units
Minimum Order
要相談 units
Shortest Delivery Time
Types of Japanese clients
ISO9000 Certification No.
WRAP Certification No.
Other Certification No.