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Inspired by taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro’an explores authentic craftsmanship through minimalist design.

The name Kamaro’an originates from pangcah, it means “the place to live”. Pangcah is one of an indigenous ethnic in Taiwan.

Each of our product is delicately handmade in our studio by indigenous artisans.


Mission //
We aim to create cultural related works for young indigenous. We continue traditional taiwanese indigenous craft with minimalist design.

Slowly Handmade //
Each of our products is handmade in our studio by young indigenous artisans, in a small but comfortable scale. We don't seek for large quantities, we love the balance of enough making for living. We do every work slowly but precisely.

Old and New //
We learn traditional crafts and stories with elder artisans, together the designers and young artisans develop concepts carefully to link the aged ordinary wisdoms to modern life.

Feature //
With the industrial design background, Kamaro'an makes good use of clean structural forms to highlight the core weaving, and keep more costs to pay artisans.

Made in Taiwan //
The materials and suppliers are carefully sourced from local manufacturers in Taiwan, in line with environmental sustainability.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibit Item
  • BAG
  • New Brand in JAPAN
  • Conscious (Sustanability, ethical etc.)
Taiwan Region
Price Range
Canvas Bags(44-85 USD)
Leather Goods (28-115 USD)
Mirrors (74-118 USD)
Season of delivery
SS December ~ February
AW July ~ September
Other All Year