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Since its creation, Fortu Milan has sought the perfect fusion between casual and classic. Contemporary pieces with architectural-inspired lines and a minimalist design pursue the desire for simplification that runs throughout the entire collection. Fortu Milano is rooted in Italian craftsmanship and quality and its excellences: fashion and design.

Leather bags and luxurious backpacks and accessories that pay tribute to architecture, design and fashion, their primary source of inspiration. Fortu Milano is a men’s and women’s collection that is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Luxurious and timeless bags with urban character merge style and elegance thanks to the lavish artisan details and the skilful use of bold, strong colours. High quality leathers and meticulous craftsmanship imbue the online collection with quality and style.

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bag(JPY 40000-)
belt (JPY 23000-)
Season of delivery
Other 70days-

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8 companies
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要相談 units
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