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Nemozena is a lifestyle womenswear brand founded in 2017 between Dubai, where the founder is based and where the brand story, strategy and collection inspiration are developed, and Milan, where the collection is designed, styled and produced to exceptional Italian standards. A Dubai based Italian crafted collection that is setting the bar high on quality fabrics and timeless cuts. Each collection is made of innovative, versatile and easy to wear items that hold a specific role and place in a woman’s ideal wardrobe, reinventing the way clients relate to fashion. A concept based on feminine designs that give women the freedom to build a personal closet through modular & Reversible items, while giving freedom to blend new creations into an existing style. Nemozena is for today’s woman and will speak to her intellect and taste, while connecting to her kindness.

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  • Looking for Agent in Japan
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Dress(250 EUR - 600 EUR)
Jacket (300 EUR - 800 EUR)
Coat (400 EUR - 1000 EUR)
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