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Chanteca Partners is an established sourcing and production company that specializes in creative design, sourcing, production, marketing and distribution expertise allowing our partner brands to blossom and grow. With one foot in New York City and another in Asia, we help our clients bring their vision to life.

Our one-stop vertically integrated solution gives our client peace of mind to keep business simple especially since material sourcing, sampling, production and logistics encompasses over 90% of total costs and more than 75% of your enterprise’s risk.
With over 50 years of global sourcing and commerce experience and a professional workforce of over 200 employees, we will help you create and manage scalable roadmaps that reflect your vision while maintaining competitive product pricing and impeccable quality, at a fraction of your in-house resource cost.

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United States of America
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USD 10-20(USD 20-30)
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SS Dec - Feb
AW July - Sept