Buying stuff is sexy. Ruining the planet while you do it isn’t. From our studio in Bethnal Green, we’re side eyeing the fashion industry while kind of loving it too. So, while we critique but j’adore the non-stop world of fashion for fashion’s sake, we do things like take on our own clothing factory (so 1970s, we know), invest in training for a close knit group of artisans, and work with the best creatives in the business.

Miista upends the exclusionary practices of the fashion industry in an effort to show how we’re living now. Over the last ten years we are proud to have built a brand that through craft, our community, the risks we’ve taken and a willingness to laugh at ourselves, has made a commitment to the alternative. A dedication to the opposite thing. What does that mean? That we’re happy to sacrifice profit and to subvert problematic fashion trends to create a product that has personality in addition to aesthetic value. You know when it’s a Miista.



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